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To Everyone in Nevada County

I am running for the Nevada County School Board not because I needed one more thing to do in retirement. I'm running because I believe that boards should consist of community members who are willing to work with others for the betterment of student education. I believe that board members should have open minds, be willing to listen to both sides of an issue, and be able to make decisions based on fact and truth.

This is a very important county school board election.There is a group of three candidates who are running with the intent to take over the Nevada County School Board. I urge you not to allow that to happen. I urge you instead to vote for the four candidates who do not have an agenda that is anti-public school, who do not have a goal of dictating rather than collaborating, and who do not traffic in conspiracy theories that have no place in school board meetings.

Please mark your ballots for Baker-Clarabut-Johnson-May and share this email with your friends and family who have the opportunity to vote in this county election.

Thank you for your support!

What people say about Susan

I had the great fortune of being a teacher at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School when Susan Clarabut was the principal. With high expectations and positive energy, Susan knew how to bring out the best in her staff and students. She was greatly admired and respected by all for her vision and caring leadership.

Whether serving in an educator or administrator role, Susan is known for her honesty and integrity. She actively listens and encourages communication and cooperation. Her wealth of experience and knowledge will be invaluable in the complicated days ahead. You can count on her to be well prepared and to have thoroughly researched the issues in order to effectively problem solve.

Most importantly, Susan has wholeheartedly committed her life's work to education and continues to show unwavering dedication and commitment to our teachers, our students, and their families. I can imagine no better candidate for the Nevada County Board of Education!

Terry Hunt, Retired teacher, Pleasant Ridge Union School District

Susan Clarabut has our vote because she is the perfect candidate for the Nevada County Board of Education. We've had the privilege of working with Susan when she was the principal of Pleasant Ridge School. She is dedicated to the highest quality of education for all students, has provided wise leadership at many levels, is an advocate for families, teachers and staff. She currently provides needed educational training to support new teachers in our county.

Vote for Susan Clarabut on November 3rd!

Linda & Dave Phelps, Teachers (retired), Pleasant Ridge Union School District

"Susan Clarabut has been an incredible positive force in education in Nevada County for decades. I first met her in 2001 and was so impressed with her dedication to children. She has worked tirelessly to support and develop teachers and administrators in Nevada County. I have worked closely with her and am so thankful she is willing to continue her important work in improving local education."

Sarah Schwartz, School Principal

“Susan Clarabut has our vote for the Nevada County School Board! Fortunately for all of us, she doesn’t know what retirement is. She keeps coming back! We have had the privilege of working with Susan in her role as a principal and as a Program Coordinator (for the North Coast School of Education) supporting new teachers in our county. We have benefitted from Susan’s leadership, from her dedication to our schools, our students and families, and from her sense of humor!

We need Susan’s integrity, her vision, her ability to collaborate and her wealth of knowledge to help guide our schools through these challenging times! Vote for Susan this November!”

Jeff and Gale Peach

Teachers, Pleasant Ridge School District, retired

"I am so excited to vote for Susan Clarabut for the Nevada County School Board! She is a person of great integrity, honesty and truly cares about our schools, children, teachers and all school employees!

Go Susan!"

Donna Prince

"I watched the League of Women Voters candidate forum today and Susan Clarabut was great! She has my vote!"

Laura Barhydt

"I am excited to see Susan Clarabut running for county school board of education. I had the privilege of working under Susan several years back. She is thoughtful with her decisions and puts students first! Please check out her campaign and help support her."

Susanne Vaughn

"I met Susan Clarabut years ago when she hired me as part of an innovative evening program to support children and parents at Hennessy school. I have known her to be a strong advocate for students and families in Nevada County, especially those who need the most assistance. Now more than ever, we need people who have demonstrated commitment to our students and understand the job. I’m confident that voting for Susan to continue as a County School Board member is the right choice for students."

Sonia Delgadado, Teacher, Sierra College

"I have had the privilege of working with Susan Clarabut for the past 12 years. She is an exemplary educator! The residents of Nevada County will greatly benefit from her leadership on the County Board of Education."

Steven D. Herringtonl, PhD., Sonoma County Superintendent of Schools

I have been an educator in Nevada County for 33 years and have never had the privilege of working for an administrator as competent, compassionate, and collaborative as Susan Clarabut. I worked at Pleasant Ridge Elementary School when Susan served as our principal. Susan always held the highest of standards for students, staff, families, and herself~while maintaining the compassion, care and empathy that is VITAL when working in education.

Susan has worked in many capacities all over the county and has an understanding of the unique needs of each school district and it's community. Susan's dedication and commitment to education is unwavering. Even in retirement, Susan has remained involved and advocating for students, families, and educators across Nevada County. Her wisdom and experience is essential in maintaining the high standard we set for our educational system.

Susan's passion and priority to education has shined through in her own family as well. Both of her children moved on to a higher education and have become successful professionals-influenced by Susan's leadership and advocacy for education.

We are facing challenging times in education. This requires leadership that brings experience, wisdom, teamwork, and humanity. There is no doubt about it~this is Susan Clarabut.

I LOVE THIS LADY. She's gonna win!❤

Roxanne Fleenor


Scott Lay

Superintendent of Schools

Skip Hauser

Terry McAteer

Holly Hermansen

Former Superintendents of Schools

Ed Scofield, County Supervisor, Nevada County

Hank Weston, County Supervisor, Nevada County (retired)

Supervisors, Nevada County

Steve Herrington

Superintendent, Sonoma County Office of Education

Susan in the news

The Union, "Nevada County Board of Education candidates speak on issues, goals."

YubaNet, "Former County Superintendents Endorse Slate of Four Candidates for the Nevada County Board of Education," Sept. 26, 2020. Link